Moving Forward with Beauty & Fashion

Up to the present time I have only shared once about my experience in Seattle. Not only was Seattle amazing, as a result of attending a photography conference, I switched to a different genre. Until Seattle the focus of my business had been mostly families. Don't get me wrong; I enjoyed photographing families. However I knew that I needed to find my niche in this over-saturated market. Today I want to share why I changed my genre to beauty and fashion. Due to the fact that all the workshops I had interest in filled within 24 hours of registration, I had to think outside my comfort zone. Not only have I discovered my niche but also met the most incredible beauty photographer, Courtney Dailey. Not to mentioned that her workshop was highly informative, it gave me a new direction for my business. In the middle of the workshop we had the opportunity to photograph.

After I returned from Seattle, I shared the images with friends on Instagram. Given that the images were a departure from my 'usual' work, my friends scrolled past them thinking it was an ad for a spa. Of course the reaction surprised me, but it gave me a boost that I am heading in the right direction. With all of this in mind, I have been working with models to build my portfolio. Over the next weeks I will be sharing more of where I am heading.

Until next time - keep smiling. :)

Iris (TGTG)

Seattle Was Amazing

Last weekend I attended my first Click Away. What can I say; Seattle was amazing. During my time in Seattle, I was fortunate enough to take Jennifer Carr's workshop "Uncovered Beauty". One of the first things Jennifer shared during the workshop is to pay attention to our surroundings. I agree, we often times 'run' through life without noticing the beauty around us. On Sunday morning, I got up really early to shoot some long exposure images. It was the first morning it did not rain in Seattle. That made me so happy. After taking a quick shower, I grabbed my tripod and camera to explore sleeping Seattle. And I am glad that I did.

I so wanted to photograph the Space Needle, but previous attempts fell flat. Until the said morning. Actually I was ready to return to the hotel as I was getting cold and needed some hot coffee. (Can you believe that in Seattle Starbucks does not open until 6:30 on Sundays?!?). As I was walking back frustrated, I turned my head to the right. And it was...the Space Needle!!! I was so giddy that I forgot that I was cold. I walked up the street a little, set-up my tripod in the bike lane, and clicked away...

So, here is the shot of the Space Needle...and I am very happy that it turned out.


I am so thankful that I took Jennifer's workshop. She reminded me to slow down and look around me. If Jennifer wouldn't have shared this wisdom, the shot would have never happened. There is still so much I have to mentally process from this amazing trip. My hope is that will share more over the comping weeks on where I want to go with my photography. CM, I am thankful that you have put this workshop together

"Be not afraid of growing slowly, be afraid only of standing still." - Chinese Proverb

Thank you for stopping by today. Until next time - keep smiling.

Iris (TGTG)