Star Anise

Sunday Creative Outlet

Honestly, I should have cleaned out our laundry room couple of years ago. I knew that the space would be my creative space. Being creative makes my heart and soul happy.

Today, for our Sunday project, I played with some Star Anise. I know that some people don't like the smell of it, however for me it is a beautiful smell. You see, I love really good licorice, and Star Anise smells like it. When I was young, one of my favorite liquor was Pernod - Classic, which is based on Star Anise, and not wormwood.

Now back to the image I had in mind for a long time. I wanted the Star Anise to be the star. However, I started out with just the Star Anise, but I couldn't really feel it with just that. So, I pulled out some coffee beans and cinnamon sticks. I like how this image turned out. Now, looking at the image, I am wondering if someone makes Cinnamon-Star Anise flavored coffee (Starbucks) ? Tazo makes a Sweet Cinnamon Spice Herbal tea, which includes Star Anise. 

Lensbaby Velvet 56 - 1/100 - ISO 640

Lensbaby Velvet 56 - 1/100 - ISO 640

This image was taking for the 2018 Sunday Project - 52 images - One Sunday at a time.

Thank you for stopping by today...until next time - think outside the box and be creative.

Iris (TGTG)