Green Corner Restaurant - Mesa

There are maybe a handful restaurants we enjoy going to. Over the last couple of months we have visited the Green Corner Restaurant, in Mesa. It only is a 15 minutes drive from our house. What we really like about this place is the freshness of their dishes. The flavor of the Mediterranean cuisine has always awakened my taste buds.

Green Corner Restaurant_Order 13.jpg

Last weekend we tried a new dish, "Gyros - Chicago Style". "Chicago Style" means that you receive french fries with your meat. However, you can also order the Gyros with rice, or the low carb option, with a Greek salad.

Green Corner Restaurant_Gyros Chicago Style.jpg

With every dish you receive fresh vegetables; in this case, cucumber, tomatoes, and red onions. The meat (beef and lamb) itself is perfectly cooked on a vertical rotisserie spicket, finished up on the hot griddle. The spices used for the meat are harmonious. The tzatziki sauce is savory and freshly made; wonderful to dip the pita bread in.

Green Corner Restaurant_Gyros Chicago Style_2.jpg

My husband and I agree, that this has been the best Gyros we have had since living in Arizona. If you are looking for a restaurant that hits all your taste buds, why don't you give the "Green Corner Restaurant" a try.

Another incentive: the restaurant offers a 5% discount to all students on Friday and Saturday.

I like to hear from you and your opinion about this restaurant, or share one of you favorite restaurants in the comment section. I am always looking for good places to eat that offer healthy food.

Until next time...

Iris (TGTG)