LR Fundamentals - Online Class Review

In my last post I shared with you that I had taken an online class for landscape photography. After the wonderful experience I had with the class, I jumped in to another class that was also taught through CM University. I took Lightroom Fundamentals with instructor Jamie Rubeis. Jamie Rubeis is not only a great teacher, but a wonderful portrait photographer based in Las Vegas, NV. Her portrait work is amazing and a huge inspiration to me. I love her bold colors and clean edits. I was excited to take this class and learn from her.

Although I have used Lightroom for many years, I have never really tapped into the potential that it has. With Jamie's instructions, material, and her feedback, I was able to create some pretty cool edits that I want to share with you.

I know that some photographers say that they don't process their photographs; I do. I shoot in camera RAW, so I have to process them to be able to share them online. So, why do I shoot in RAW and not jpg to make my life easier? When shooting in jpg format, your camera compresses the file and data is lost. With camera RAW, you have all the data that your camera records. If you have questions regarding camera RAW versus JPG, there are many resources online to explain the difference more eloquent that I can :)...But I get off this post's target.

Here are some of the before and after that I processed during and after the class:

My beloved hubby and favorite photographer: LR-Fundamentals_1

My morning inspiration:


And a piece of Gilbert that has given me peace over the last month (Riparian Preserve at Water Ranch):



I can't tell you how much this class has helped me understand proper White Balance, skin tones, and clean editing. If you want to tap into Lightroom and see the potential it has, I highly recommend signing up for Jamie's class. She has the next run scheduled for the end of February 2016. To find out more about the class, please visit the CMU sign-up page. And if you want to get inspired by great portrait photography, visit Jamie's website: Jamie Rubeis Photography.

Thank you for stopping by today...Until next time - keep smiling

Iris (TGTG)