Moving Forward with Beauty & Fashion

Up to the present time I have only shared once about my experience in Seattle. Not only was Seattle amazing, as a result of attending a photography conference, I switched to a different genre. Until Seattle the focus of my business had been mostly families. Don't get me wrong; I enjoyed photographing families. However I knew that I needed to find my niche in this over-saturated market. Today I want to share why I changed my genre to beauty and fashion. Due to the fact that all the workshops I had interest in filled within 24 hours of registration, I had to think outside my comfort zone. Not only have I discovered my niche but also met the most incredible beauty photographer, Courtney Dailey. Not to mentioned that her workshop was highly informative, it gave me a new direction for my business. In the middle of the workshop we had the opportunity to photograph.

After I returned from Seattle, I shared the images with friends on Instagram. Given that the images were a departure from my 'usual' work, my friends scrolled past them thinking it was an ad for a spa. Of course the reaction surprised me, but it gave me a boost that I am heading in the right direction. With all of this in mind, I have been working with models to build my portfolio. Over the next weeks I will be sharing more of where I am heading.

Until next time - keep smiling. :)

Iris (TGTG)

TWAY - Online Class Review

In the Fall of 2015 I was fortunate enough to the take TWAY (The World Around You) through an online class via Clickin' Moms University. The instructor, Kristen Ryan is not only an amazing landscape photographer, she is also an incredible teacher. Her material is very comprehensive and her critique for each section has been invaluable to me. Every time I now go out, I hear her voice in my head; reminding me what setting are best for certain scenarios. I love landscapes, but we don't have much variety here in the desert. But after taking Kristen's class, it really does not matter where you live. I see the world around me with different eyes. There can be beauty in the desert; you just have to figure out how to capture it.

During the class, I was able to go out to Prospector Park in AJ. At the park, I had a great view of the Superstition Mountains (one of my favorite Arizona landscape subjects). On the day I went out, I was blessed that some clouds rolled in. Here are some of the images from that outing with my hubby:






I went back another morning at sunrise. What an experience that was!! I hope to get out there some day soon to shoot there again at sunrise. Here are a couple of my favorite shots from that morning:



If you are interested in finding out more about Kristen's photography, please visit her website at Kristen Ryan Photography. Or if you are interested in taking the class yourself; the next run is scheduled for April 2016. You can find out more information on the Clickin Mom's University page.

Thank you for stopping by today. Until next time...keep smiling.

Iris (TGTG)

Learning a Lot About Myself

I like to shoot photographs just for myself. Photographs that have a meaning and/or I would like to have in my home for one reason or another. As of late, I have had a really hard time being inspired. But this past week, I learned a lot about myself. I have signed up for couple of online photography classes through CM University. This past Monday, Photographing with Heart & Vision with the beautiful and talented Jodi Arego, started. What a week I have behind me! A lot of emotions have been released and I am reminded why I love photography so much. Not only do we photograph in this class, but we journal a lot.

The first thing we were to do was to pull some old photos from our archives. Believe me, I have a lot of them. I had a hard time narrowing them down. But one photograph stood out to me. It may not be much, but I like the shot of this particular cactus because of the location (right in front an Old Chapel in Apache Junction).


Believe it or not, but the above photograph gave me some inspiration. I love creating images with a great depth of field, so I purchased some flowers to photograph. I pulled out my 90mm Tamron Macro lens to shoot with some is the result:


For our first week's final image we were to take an image based on the emotions we experienced throughout the week. After much contemplation and thoughts going through my head and heart, I took the below image this afternoon:


I chose this composition in black and white to put the emphasis on the books/titles rather than the surroundings. These books represent what makes me, me. I enjoy thriller/suspense/murder mysteries, but also have a heart for Jesus. There, I said it. The book "Jesus Calling" I received from a precious photography friend who I met this year online through CM (thank you sweet Carrie).

I am looking forward to week two of "Photographing with Heart and Vision" and I know it will help me get back on track with my personal photography.

Thank you for stopping by. Until next time - keep smiling :)

Iris (TGTG)