Class of 2016 - Model Call

Are you currently a HS Junior, graduating in 2016? Do you feel comfortable in front of a camera? Are you outgoing and like to have fun? Then maybe we can work together. I am looking for 3 HS Juniors in the East Valley of Metro Phoenix to get the word out about Iris Nelson Portraits’ High School Senior program. What's in it for you? A free session, on-line photo gallery, a fab phone-APP, profile pic for FB/Instagram (or any other social network), blog post featuring you, rep-card, and earning toward your own HS Senior session in spring of 2016. So what do I gain? Working with you and hopefully photographing other HS Seniors that are just as awesome as you are. Check out this short video to see my work:

How do you apply? Very simple! Shoot me an email by February 15th. I will send you a short questionnaire so that I can find out a little about you. Once I narrow down my selection, I will meet with you in person to go over the details.

Since I am asking you to share about yourself, here are a few things about me: I enjoy life and take every obstacle as an opportunity to grow. I live life loved, because I am. I sometimes laugh so hard, I cry. I have a grown son who I am proud of. I like to spend time with my husband, our two dogs…a good book or great movie. Photography is my passion and I love telling the story of interesting/fun people.

The legal stuff: In order to work with me, I need you or your parents (if you are under 18) to sign a model release form. The photographs that are taken during the free session will be part of my ad-campaign for the 2015/2016 HS Senior season.

I am looking forward hearing from you!

Iris :) (TGTG)

Looking Forward by Looking Back

I know that many people publish these types of post (reflecting on the year past) the last couple of days of a year. However I wanted to share what has been on my mind for the last couple of days; I had to write out all the thoughts that are rattling my mind...Looking Forward by Looking Back! Honestly, I have had an incredible year regarding my photography business. Sure, I would have loved more clients, but the ones I had helped me grow incredibly. They have helped me to find my strengths and my weaknesses; where I need to improve and what I already know. One thing is for sure: you never-ever stop learning. If you think you know it all, than you are on the wrong track.

My friend Lori shared an incredible blog post about chasing your dreams and I want to share one statement that is true for me in a very personal way:

“If you don’t cry sometimes when everything falls apart, you’re not chasing a dream.” - Jon Acuff

2015 I have made the year of “Surrender” and “Being Bold”. It is only day 17 and I have put myself more out in world than I have over the past 4 years. I have signed up with the CM Photography forum; even posting my photos for the first time on a photography forum. If you know me in person, you know this is a huge step for me.

I even submitted 5 photographs in a contest that has photographers from around the world seeing my work. I hyperventilated before uploading to the site, but that is beside the point.

However, the best investment that I have made thus far in 2015 is purchasing a breakout session from CM. Holli True’s breakout session “The Beauty of Simplicity” has been a true blessing. I believe it was not by chance that I came across it this early in the year. Holli’s photography is not only beautiful, but totally along my thoughts on how to approach portraits. Unfortunately there are only 5 days left (through 1/21/15) to purchase the session; if you do purchase it, I know you will highly benefit from it. I do hope that this breakout session will be offered again this year so that you can truly enjoy the communication with Holli via the CM forum.

By looking back at my photographs of 2014, I am looking forward what 2015 will bring. I know I will be more bold and confident, realizing my dream. Even if I find myself crying at times…


Thank you for stopping by today...Until next time, keep smiling! Iris :) (TGTG)