Sunday - Printing Images

Today I was not very original with my Sunday image. I had other ideas in my head, but they didn't work out as I had planned. So, plan B was initiated.

I am a huge advocate of printing images. Although currently I am not selling my images, however I am thinking about offering them online. I still have to work out the details; the how and where I will sell them.

I have two wonderful professional print labs that I work with; for different products. One is Artifacts Uprising (you see some of the images below). I like to use AU for square prints, but especially for cards. The other printer I enjoy working with is Color Inc Pro Lab for my larger prints. Last week I gifted one of my long time friends with a print, and it was such a joy to see her eyes light up. It makes me very happy when people enjoy my printed work.

Iris Nelson Sunday Project - Week 5.jpg

The above image was taking for the 2018 Sunday Project - 52 images - One Sunday at a time.

Until next time...print your images.

Iris (TGTG)