Serenity Project - September 2017

Welcome to our Serenity Project for the month of September 2017. The Serenity project is a collaborative photography project in which we want to share images that convey peace and calm. One of the major things I miss from Germany are the Farmers Markets. Non only can you get fresh meets, eggs, and fruit, but the variety is much better than here in Arizona. When my husband I visited to local Sprouts Farmers Market, I was so happy to see one of my favorite fruits, red currants. Unfortunately they only had one little container left, with a hefty price tag. However my husband encouraged me to get them. Not only where they yummy (and transported be back to my childhood), they were also fun to photograph. :)

Red Currants are also good for you. They are high in Fiber, Macronutrients, Vitamin C & K, Iron, and last but not least, Antioxidants. Red currants are small, round fruits that bear a resemblance to grapes. These sweet, juicy berries are commonly used in jams, sauces and various baked goods, or are simply eaten by hand as a snack (my personal favorite way). Adding red currants to your diet plan will give you a boost of nutrient density.


Follow the circle to see what my wonderful and talented photography friend Eileen, of Eileen Critchley, Photographer, San Antonio. Eileen used to live here in the Valley until this past spring. I was blessed to get to meet her in person. I miss her here, however I believe she enjoys getting new inspiration in her new city, San Antonio.

Thank you for stopping by today; until next time, keep calm and eat some Red Currants.

Iris (TGTG)