Macro Monday ~ Volume 19

Welcome to Macro Monday ~ Volume 19! Until now, I processed all my images to 95% in Lightroom. However, this week I wanted to try something different. Several years ago, I owned NIK post processing filters for Photoshop. One of my photography friends informed me that the filters are now available for free. In case you would like to check them out, please follow the link here. Again, this week I played with dabbled light. I exposed for the highlights to ensure that I don't blow them out. After converting them from RAW to JPG, I finished the photograph in Photoshop with a film preset from the NIK collection (Kodak Ektachrome 64).


Settings: SS 1/640 - f9.0 - ISO 800 - Tamron Macro Lens

Follow the link to another beautiful macro image posted by my friend Jessica from The Gaggle Photography by Jessica Nelson.

Thank you for stopping by today - until next time.

Iris (TGTG)