Macro Monday - Volume 11

Welcome to Macro Monday - Volume 11. Even though it has been a hot summer, I made time for macro photography. As a matter of fact, photography is a great escape from my stressful job. This past week my friend Tiffany sent me a beautiful "Thank You" bouquet. The flowers are called Ranunculus. Because these flowers have so many layers, they are perfect for macro photography.

First filling the the frame... Macro Monday 11_1

Settings: SS 1/800 - f6.3 - ISO 800 - Tamron Macro Lens

Second - the entire flower... Macro Monday 11_2

Settings: SS 1/500 - f10 - ISO 800 - Tamron Macro Lens

Follow the link to another beautiful macro image posted by Tiffany Kelly.

Until next time, keep smiling :)

Iris (TGTG)