More Macro Images - Favorites

As I was sharing last month in this post, I took Tiffany Kelly's "The Art of Macro Photography" workshop through CM's Click Photo School. Today I wanted to share some more macro images with you; actually my favorite to date. All images are taken with the 90mm Tamron Macro Lens. Mini-Carnation-copy

SS: 1/160 - f6.3 - ISO 1600


SS: 1/160 - f6.3 - ISO 1600


SS: 1/1000 - f8.0 - ISO 1000


SS: 1/640 - f7.1 - ISO 1600


SS: 1/800 - f6.3 - ISO 800


SS: 1/1600 - f7.1 - ISO 1000


SS: 1/320 - f6.3 - ISO 1600


SS: 1/160 - f6.3 - ISO 1600

Macro photography has become my own little place of peace. I don't have to drive somewhere to take the photographs. I can even wander out in to my backyard early in the morning. The soft morning light is amazing and I am thankful that my friend and mentor, Jennifer Carr, challenged me to seek different light.

Next time you find yourself in a rut, try something new. Take a photography workshop online, or a class at the location community college. Trust me, trying something new will get you out of a rut in no time. You may even find a new passion, like I did with macro photography.

Until next time, keep smiling :) ... Iris (TGTG)