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50s' Inspired Model Session With Lauren

In 2016, I had the privilege to work with Lauren Roberts, and knew that I wanted to work with her again. Since last year's shoot however, Lauren had been signed by Ford/Robert Black Agency in Scottsdale. At first I was nervous checking with Lauren to see if we could work together again. I shouldn't have been nervous at all. Lauren quickly put me in touch with her agency, and within 24 hours I heard back from Jessica. It was such a wonderful experience to work with the Ford/Robert Black Agency. Within a couple of days we had the date set for this year's, 50's inspired session.

Not only is Lauren an amazing and beautiful model, but she came up with ideas how we can make this session even more fun. We created a board on Pinterest to share our ideas. I had the 50's fashion inspired idea in my head for more than 8 months, and it was wonderful to see what Lauren came up with, to add to this vision.

We met up with make-up artist Sofia Verdugo of Phoenix Makeup Collective to get Lauren ready for the shoot. (Thank you Cindy Roberts for allowing us to use your home).

Here are some images from behind the scene as Lauren had make-up applied, and the hair being prepped for the look.

Lauren Getting Ready.jpg
Lauren Getting Ready_2.jpg
Fashion changes, but style endures.
— Coco Chanel

After Lauren was finished with hair & make-up, we headed over to Chandler to the Crown Plaza Phoenix-Chandler (also know as the San Marcos Resort & Golf Club) to take some classy images. I just love the dress on her; the sunglasses and gloves Lauren purchased were the perfect addition to the dress and the vision I had for this shoot.


Lauren at Crown Plaza Resort Chandler.jpg
Lauren at Crown Plaza Resort Chandler_2.jpg
Lauren at Crown Plaza Resort Chandler_3.jpg
Lauren at Crown Plaza Resort Chandler_4.jpg
Lauren at Crown Plaza Resort Chandler_5.jpg
Lauren at Crown Plaza Resort Chandler_6.jpg

Thank you Lauren for allowing me to work with you again this year, and my hope is that we can work again in 2018...and maybe in New York City.

Thank you for stopping by today...until next time, be classy in a black dress.

Iris (TGTG)

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Moving Forward with Beauty & Fashion

Up to the present time I have only shared once about my experience in Seattle. Not only was Seattle amazing, as a result of attending a photography conference, I switched to a different genre. Until Seattle the focus of my business had been mostly families. Don't get me wrong; I enjoyed photographing families. However I knew that I needed to find my niche in this over-saturated market. Today I want to share why I changed my genre to beauty and fashion. Due to the fact that all the workshops I had interest in filled within 24 hours of registration, I had to think outside my comfort zone. Not only have I discovered my niche but also met the most incredible beauty photographer, Courtney Dailey. Not to mentioned that her workshop was highly informative, it gave me a new direction for my business. In the middle of the workshop we had the opportunity to photograph.

After I returned from Seattle, I shared the images with friends on Instagram. Given that the images were a departure from my 'usual' work, my friends scrolled past them thinking it was an ad for a spa. Of course the reaction surprised me, but it gave me a boost that I am heading in the right direction. With all of this in mind, I have been working with models to build my portfolio. Over the next weeks I will be sharing more of where I am heading.

Until next time - keep smiling. :)

Iris (TGTG)