Sunday - Lite Lunch

As the days are getting hotter, I always like to find things that are good, yet lite, for lunch. One of my favorite lunches (or even supper for that matter), is mozzarella with tomatoes, fresh basil, Balsamic vinegar, olive oil, onions, and black pepper. And please don't forget a crusty baked roll (this one is a Bolillo roll, which is very common here in the Southwest).

Canon 50mm - SS 1/100 - f2.2 - ISO 200

Canon 50mm - SS 1/100 - f2.2 - ISO 200

I enjoy using my slate plate; after I photographed this light lunch, I was able to eat off that plate. What are your favorite light lunches? Please share, maybe I can find something new to try for the summer months.

Thank you for stopping by today - until next time, enjoy a light lunch.

Iris (TGTG)