My 3 Year Journey to Click Pro

In 2015 I joined a photography forum for women. I loved what I saw and I wanted to be part of their prestigous "Click Pro" program.

However, my journey to archive that goal was bumpy; with many hours refining my portfolio. After I missed the goal last year by one point, I wanted to never.ever.try again. It was my 3rd attempt, and I didn't see that I could ever make it.

Lensbaby  Sweet 35  - SS 1/640 - ISO 250

Lensbaby Sweet 35 - SS 1/640 - ISO 250

After the failure last year, I started shooting for myself. Shooting for myself brought joy back to photography. I photographed like crazy; mostly macro and food. I enjoyed the journey without any pressure. I saw that I improved with every image I took.

In November I looked at my portfolio again, talking to my sweet friend Eileen about maybe trying again in 2018. Eileen was encouraging me to keep shooting and see where it would take me. So I continued to shoot for myself. At the end of January I felt I was ready to put my portfolio back together.

I tossed out a lot of images from last year's portfolio, adding images that I took since June of 2017. In February of this year I started to work with Eileen and Jan Tyler to go through my images; to put together my portfolio.

At first it was a rough going, but I remembered what the amazing Jennifer Carr told me after I failed my first attempt: "Detach yourself emotionally from your images". And Jan added: "Show what you do, and NOT what you can do". Such wise words from both of them.

So, on April 17, 2018 (it would have been my dad's 85th birthday), I submitted my set for review. Eileen was my emotional support over the 4 weeks of waiting time. She kept checking on me to see how I was holding up. It was a roller coaster ride for sure. I am grateful for Eileen's friendship and support.

On Monday, May 14th I received my acceptance letter to the Click Pro program. I was over the moon and it is still sinking in. Why I am sharing my long journey on my website? Because I want to encourage others to not give up on their dreams. Do keep going, even if it takes more than one try. For me being part of the program is like for a chef receiving a Michelin Star for their restaurant. And trust me, they work hard on getting that Star.

If you are interested in seeing my final portfolio that was accepted, check out my album on Flickr.

Thank you for stopping by today...until next time, keep your dreams alive.

Iris (TGTG)