Sunday Lunch Time

As I continue on my journey of the Sunday Project, I am seeing that I really starting to embrace my work. As I mentioned last Sunday, my new creative space adjacent to our kitchen works so well. Food photography has interested me since I started my digital journey of photography. I cook every day at home due to my husband's dietary restrictions, however I only can currently photograph during the day in the space. I am looking to get some artificial light source soon, but at this point, I enjoy working with natural light.

Today, I made myself a yummy sandwich. I am very blessed to get tomatoes this time of year (AJ's Fine Foods never disappoints with their produce). With this being said, here is my Sunday lunch sandwich:

Canon 24-105mm - SS 1/250 - ISO 500 - f4.0

Canon 24-105mm - SS 1/250 - ISO 500 - f4.0

This image was taking for the 2018 Sunday Project - 52 images - One Sunday at a time.

Thank you for stopping by today...until next time, stay calm - and make yourself a sandwich.

Iris (TGTG)