May 17th

Serenity Project – May 2017

Welcome to the Serenity Project for the month of May. The Serenity project is a collaborative photography project in which we want to share images that convey peace and calm.

“Just living is not enough…one must have sunshine, freedom and a little flower” ~ Hans Christian Andersen

One of my favorite things to photograph are flowers, macro style. When I put my macro lens on, there is a sense of peace and contentment. This past weekend I purchased some tulips. They have such grace and beauty about them; they make me smile. Here are some of my favorite images from the ‘session’ with them.

Follow the circle to see what my wonderful and talented photography friend, Carri Peterson is sharing this month.

Thank you for stopping by today. Until next time, keep calm, keep smiling, and let serenity be part of your daily life.

Until next time,

Iris (TGTG)

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  1. I so love your macro and flower photos. It shines through how much you love capturing them – – I always look forward to seeing your work.

  2. And now I love tulips even more! Beautiful and serene!

  3. Beautiful Iris, I love the first one and the gorgeous bold colors.

  4. THe colors of the tulips are so pretty!

  5. These are so lovely, Iris! I love how you have really grabbed on to macro this last year!

  6. Maria Russell

    These are gorgeous Iris!


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